Deltasleep is dedicated to constant learning & knowledge sharing.

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Delta Sleep

We are dedicated to constant learning & knowledge sharing in the field of sleep physiology. Delta sleep intend to educate individuals and to optimize sleep to improve productivity, protect health and ensure safety in workplaces.

Sleep and Fatigue

Normal sleep is an asset for any individual and the prime factor that determines productivity, innovation, resilience and safety. Sleep is a major factor that can influence the cognitive and physiological performance. In the modern 24/7 society, there are more disruptive factors to sleep than ever before and identifying and rectifying them is crucial to health and wellbeing.

Fatigue occurs as a result of sleep loss and adversely affects performance, health, and quality of life.

The benefits of restful sleep and the consequences of poor sleep are immediate as well as long-standing, hence an important factor for any individual and organization to invest in. In workplaces, the ROI in terms of productivity for the employer, and protected health for the employee creates a win-win situation.




Delta Sleep’s Corporate Sleep Program is aimed at identifying sleep issues and optimizing employee sleep by recruiting scientifically validated and proven, successful strategies used in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

How Can DELTA SLEEP Help You?


Corporate sleep seminar (CSS) enlightens employees on the benefits of sleeping optimally. The awareness of sleep and sleep disorders among the general population is not adequate. CSS provides scientific information and encourages employees to assess their own sleep and motivates them to implement the much-needed behavioral and cognitive changes to optimize their sleep.

E - Learning

The digital education platform provides employees a self-paced learning environment. 20% of the modern workforce works night shift with imaginable adverse effects on their sleep, health, and alertness during work hours. Sleep is as important for day shift workers and the digital platform comprises of courses for both sections and any individual who likes to educate and improve their sleep.

Safety critical Industry

In safety-sensitive industries including construction, mining, and also for professional athletes, optimizing sleep and managing fatigue is crucial. Information and ability to predict alertness during daytime helps to schedule safety-sensitive activities and implement fatigue mitigation strategies. Biomathematical fatigue modeling is an essential tool to ensure the safety of the workforce to reduce workplace accidents and related costs.

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