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Corporate sleep seminar (CSS) enlightens employees on the benefits of sleeping optimally. A well-rested employee is an asset to any organization and will perform to their full potential. The awareness of sleep and sleep disorders among the general population is not adequate. CSS provides scientific information and encourages employees to assess their own sleep and motivates them to implement the much-needed behavioral changes to optimize their sleep.

Optimize sleep for health and productivity

“Optimise your sleep for health and productivity” – corporate sleep seminar focuses on projecting sleep as the single most important factor to enhance productivity, manage fatigue, improve task effectiveness, and reduce absenteeism. The highlights of the talk would be to enlighten the audience on circadian rhythm, the science of sleep, how stress and anxiety can affect sleep, and also to correct the dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes about sleep. The importance of sleep on decision making, memory formation, and performance and how it can influence dietary habits will also be discussed. The seminar will also provide insight into common sleep disorders like insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea and will conclude with information on how to nurture sleep.


Humans are driven by the circadian rhythm controlled by circadian clocks that exist in each one of our cells. Maintaining the rhythms and working harmoniously with the internally generated rhythms is essential to maintain health, vitality, and prevent chronic health conditions. Apart from what we eat, how much sleep we get and how often we exercise, the timing of our food intake, when we sleep, and when we exercise is much more crucial to our well-being than ever thought before. Circadian rhythm seminars bring information on individual circadian rhythms and encourage people to pay attention to their bodily rhythms and time your activities to obtain the most benefit.


Every individual has a biological clock ticking inside his body and the master body clock determines when we are at our best to carry out certain functions. Insight into each individual’s chronotype – morning, evening, or intermediate – and altering the timing of undertaking various responsibilities in professional and personal lives can help to maximize your potential and live a healthy and happy life.

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