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Safety Sensitive Industry

Fatigue and Safety

The cost of fatigue at the workplace runs into billions of dollars around the world. This cost is not just the result of lost productivity, but it also includes insurance claims and healthcare costs. With approximately twenty percent of the population suffering from Sleep disorders like Insomnia, shift work disorder, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, this cost is set to rise in the future. Delta Sleep collaborates with employers in Safety-Critical Industries and shift work operations to optimize employee sleep and to provide effective fatigue management an monitoring tools.


Fatigue Management Training

Sleep-related fatigue is the result of cumulative sleep debt due to underlying sleep disorders. Interactive learning programs encourage individuals to optimize their sleep and engage with a professional where required.

Predictive fatigue monitoring

Fatigue can be identified with help of predictive monitoring which uses biomathematical fatigue modeling. Predicting alertness levels through the work period helps to implement fatigue mitigation strategies before it happens.

Fit for work- Alertness Test

Alertness deficit can be due to sleep loss, fatigue, medical conditions and use of medications. State of the art Psychomotor Vigilance Testing helps to identify individuals who are not fit to work.

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Night shift workers are extremely prone to be fatigued during work hours due to the circadian misalignment and the resultant inability to sleep during the daytime. Reshaping their light exposure to adapt to the altered wake and sleep hours is the key to obtain the best possible sleep.

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