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Are naps beneficial?

Ideally, none of us would have to nap. But reduced quantity or poor quality of sleep or age-related deterioration of sleep, sometimes make us crave for an afternoon nap. Napping is proven to improve alertness, productivity, and emotional agility and several studies have pointed to this fact. It may also have a bigger role during the [...]

Anxiety and Sleep in COVID times

For every person who tests positive or develops symptoms of COVID 19, there are many others who will be anxious about them, and for every COVID death, there is many who are grieving. Stress and anxiety are very prevalent in the times we are in and sometimes can precipitate long-standing sleep difficulties. Sleep and in particular, [...]

The sleep – digestion connection

We know more about sleep, its benefits and the consequences of not getting enough sleep now, than at any point of time in human history. There are several organ systems and a multitude of functions taking place in the human body and it is concluded unequivocally that there is not a function or organ that does [...]

How to sleep better – Podscast by Motty Varghese

How to sleep better is the million-dollar question. Rob O Donohue of recorded this podcast with Motty Varghese. It turned out to be an in-depth interview on sleep, performance, chronotype, Insomnia.

The importance of sleep for students during COVID19 lockdown.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact Ireland, many people have reported that they are having sleep issues.’s Kim O’Leary speaks to sleep physiologist Motty Varghese about how to ensure students get a good night’s rest – especially as they approach the final few weeks of assessments. Students sleeping in lecture theatre (Photo: Pexels) For the last four weeks, [...]

Can sleep affect employee productivity?

For a very long time, we focused on sleep disorders and not general sleep problems. Sleep disorders undoubtedly has its impact on employee well being and productivity, but they may go unnoticed or will be tolerated by the affected. General sleep problems precipitated initially by inadequate sleep behaviors may ultimately lead to sleep disorders with insomnia […]

The cost of sleep deprivation on economy

In some organisations, seeing employees with tired bags under their eyes is a sign that they are hardworking people dedicated to the work that they do. In countries like Japan, being seen dozing off at a meeting or while sitting at your desk can also be seen as a sign of professional diligence. Sleeplessness in a […]

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