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Alertness of the employee is the only variable that stands between him and injury or fatality or even reduced productivity. Impaired alertness is often the result of sleep deprivation, intoxication, use of illicit substance or from being emotionally overwhelmed. Testing employee alertness before the start of shift, during the shift or even before a safety critical task assess him for fitness for work.

Alertness testing is not about catching your employee doing something wrong. For the employee, it is about protecting himself at workplace from workplace injuries, accidents and fatalities. For the employer, it is about avoiding disruption to work, increasing productivity and avoiding compensation or insurnace claims.



Alertmeter was invented in response to Exxon Valdez incident, funded by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (USA) and developed by Predictive Safety. Alermeter is validated by NIOSH clinical testing and currently has tracked and studies 70+ million use hours.

Alertmeter is a 90second test that can be taken by the employee on a mobile phone or an iPad, prior to start  of the shift or during the shift to ensure empoyee alertness.

60-second fit-for-work test reveals worker impairment

Taken before shifts, during shifts, or before critical tasks

Identifies fatigue, illness, distress, intoxication, and more

Notifies supervisor when a worker needs attention

33,000 workers use Alertmeter daily

Over 33,000 workers around the globe clock in with AlertMeter® every day. Our users start work every day with the visibility, accountability, and responsibility they need to actively prevent incidents, reduce costs, and maximize performance all day every day.


Detects distress

Identifies fatigue

Identifies intoxication

Enhances productivity

Reduces compensation claims

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