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Assess your sleep for sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are highly prevalent and approximately 10-40% of the general population suffer from sleep disorders. It can profoundly impact an individual’s quality of life, productivity, and safety in some circumstances. A chronic sleep disorder can also affect your well-being. Screening and detection of sleep disorders are important for the maintenance of wellness and may also serve to reduce the onset and burden of chronic diseases.

Welcome to the online Sleep disorders symptom checklist. The checklist will guide you through the following steps:


You will be asked to provide demographic information about yourself and your work shift pattern.


The sleep disorder symptom checklist is next. You will be asked a few questions to assess for various sleep disorders.


Finally, your results will be displayed for you to review and will also be emailed to you


Sleep disorders symptom checklist cannot diagnose on their own. Health professionals need much more information about you to make the right diagnosis.


Finally, we will never share information with your employer

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